by ecograap on February 18,2008



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eCOGRA has had a marked increase in the demand for respectable online gambling certification and assurance from online gambling firms to commit to standards of integrity, fair gaming and gaming business efficiency.

Andrew Beveridge, CEO of eCOGRA has outlined the desire for professional recognition:

* A real desire to better serve the customer and increase business potential.

* The increased competitiveness of the European and Asian market sectors following the significant loss of US business in the wake of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

* The advent last year of a practical national regulatory regime in the United Kingdom, and the impact that policies like advertising white lists have had on the industry as a whole.

* The growing savvy of the international player community and its ability to communicate with new players shortly after they have entered the market.

* The gradual erosion of old European national betting monopolies thanks to the fair and equitable free trade policies of the European Union, opening up opportunities for well managed Internet gaming businesses.

* Growing numbers of successful and now well established gaming and software companies that want to distinguish themselves as tier one operations and are prepared to make the investment necessary to do so.

* More intense media coverage of the industry, especially in relation to responsible gambling issues.

Whole story here: http://www.ecogra.org/newsletter/06.html